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Leena Patel


World Leader in Global Impact Systems. Trainer, Speaker... spearheading a better world through better business practices


Leena Patel has a reputation for doing things a little differently to other trainers and consultants. Her method of training is cutting edge. She models world leaders across multiple industries. She believe that the greatest innovation happen when we look outside the lens through which we typically view our business challenges- so while the problem we solve will be specific to your industry, the way we approach it may not.

Leena draws from cutting edge practices within the military, healthcare, and sports to demonstrate how innovation-ready they are- and what businesses need to do to catch up.

You’ll learn what’s working, what’s trending, and as well, you’ll learn the best practices and mistakes your competitors have made. She brings her proprietary processes, games, and simulations to the table, which give a platform for leaders and teams to re-connect, re-work and re-build the current model.The Sandbox Strategy will ensure you meet your organization’s leadership and performance  goals on time and within your budget.


Mentored by her grandfather – who was a direct disciple of Mahatma Gandhi, Leena has been in leadership positions, empowering groups and organizations, and leading change, since the age of 16 when she was appointed Young Womens Leader for an international lay Buddhist organization.  

Through her grandfather, she learned that leadership begins with each individual stepping up to take personal responsibility for leading themselves before they lead a team and lead change.

With lifelong immersion in the disciplines of mindfulness practice and yoga as a solid foundation for work-life integration, coupled with a background as a performance coach to Olympic level athletes, she founded Global Impact Systems to enable leaders to power up a champion mindset and nurture world-class performance within themselves and their talent… easily and effortlessly.

Leena is passionate about studying the strategies, techniques, and thought-processes of successful world leaders from a variety of disciplines and has spent many hundreds of hours dissecting what made them standout and be successful in their mission, while making a huge impact. These lessons infuse Global Impact Systems to shortcut your journey.​​​​​​​

Having accumulated 20+ years experience working alongside business leaders in industries ranging from Sports, Healthcare and Entertainment, to Banking and Technology, this process has been tested out on hundreds of business leaders from SMEs to billion dollar corporations.


  • Innovation-focused and driven to help organizations drive change and dominate their industry (Leena initiated and implemented the innovative Partnership Profit Plan, which helps corporations win financially while supporting non-profit organizations of their choice for a triple-win outcome. You grow your market reach, save money, and help make a bigger difference).
  • A system that combines high impact entrepreneurialism, performance-driven leadership, underpinned by value-driven position change and social responsibility.
  • You’ll get hands-on training, guidance, and/or support in: strategic planning, emotional intelligence, lateral thinking intelligence, character and  strengths development, leadership, industry best practices…. all designed to meet your changing needs as a leader.
  • Bottom Line: With a world leader in Global Impact Systems on your team, you’ll get more accomplished in less time and with less stress…. leaving you guilt-free time to spend time with your family, or bonus time to spend growing your team, building your empire, and maximizing your global (or local) impact.

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