Bang The Drum: Lessons From A World Leader

Students discover the keys to world class leadership that Gandhi taught Leena’s grandfather when she was a young child. These secrets helped her to go on to create a business training world leaders and will inspire your students to be the change, bang their drum and make a difference in their world, no matter how big or small.

Success Starts With Vision, Values and Virtuoso!

This motivational and empowering message is ideal to inspire and empower your students while reminding them of the true importance of tapping into their vision, values and virtuoso and how it really contributes to the success of a young person and turns them into a leader of their life. Whether you are dealing with teachers, friends, parents, family members, relationships or personal issues, Success Starts with leading with Vision, Values and Virtuoso!

Live With Power, Passion and Purpose

In this inspiring keynote, Leena Patel’s natural storytelling ability will refuel and recharge your students through several real-life stories while delivering an uplifting message that will inspire them to live with purpose, passion and power while touching the mind, heart and soul.
Leena mixes inspirational stories with an educational message to move audiences to reach their potential so they can experience a rewarding student life.

Super Charge Your School Success!

In this talk, Leena shares secrets that will help your audience to succeed and advance during their student journey. These powerful, yet easy-to- understand, strategies will lead your audience toward instantly achieving incredible school, college or university success while elevating their results to the next level.
A must-see presentation, your students will love!

7 Secrets to Student Elite Performance

You can only achieve true greatness when you strive to exceed your potential. Leena leads students toward tapping into their greatness and creating high performance results in school by getting them to address some key and usually overlooked questions. In this strategy-packed keynote, students learn powerful techniques that will empower them to achieve extraordinary results.

How To Deal With Rejection

Everyone deals with rejection and for young adults, it can be particularly difficult. In this talk, Leena gives students tools that will leave them better equipped to cope with setbacks in the future. Plus, she shares her take on why rejection is not necessarily a bad thing.


LEENA PATEL is a leadership trainer and is internationally recognized for supporting tomorrows leaders to perform at their personal best – taking youth leaders skills in leadership and high performance to give them an edge in education, learning and growth, while supporting them in becoming more impactful leaders that will give them the tools to thrive in school and after they graduate.

Mentored by her grandfather (a direct disciple of Mahatma Gandhi ) growing up coupled with experience being a Young Womens Leader for an international organization from the age of 16, Leena learned key lessons in youth leadership, motivation for young people and how youth leaders can make a world class impact from an early age. Leena is a lifelong practitioner and teacher of yoga, and integrates a spiritual sensibility into her keynotes and breakout sessions to help students in schools, colleges and universities to become students leaders of wisdom, great attitude and performance excellence.

If your students can benefit from the ANY of the following, LEENA PATEL is the speaker for you!

♦ High Achievement and Excellence: 5 Secrets to Double Students Productivity

♦ Peer Pressure: Overcoming the need to fit in and the temptation to live like everyone else

♦ Winning the Self- Confidence Battle: How To Live Boldly And True to OneSelf


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