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How We (Unknowingly) Perpetuate War …and What We Can Do About It

If someone were to right now to point a gun or a weapon at you, or your child if you have a child, would you have something to say about that? .

You see, very few of us, would simply shrug our shoulders with resignation and say ‘if its my time and it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be..’

So why is it that when it comes to global events that are affecting every aspect of our lives, are we more likely take a backseat and stay silent…?

  “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” – Martin Luther King

Oftentimes in life we are silent because we are afraid to speak up for truth -especially when it comes to those that are in positions of authority and  power. Or we speak up but only when it affects us directly.

I don’t believe we can afford anymore to be “selectively conscious,”  sending out high vibration tweets to the people closer to home while sending out attack thoughts whenever someone ‘over there’ screws up.

Adversity GLOBAL IMPACT SYSTEMS Leena PatelWe have no problem sharing inspirational images with our ‘friends’ – I see them almost daily in my newsfeed, on the internet, and on new age greeting cards- images in which we reveal caterpillars morphing into butterflies, with captions that read:

‘Transformation is possible.’  

‘You just have to believe in yourself.’ 

‘You have the power to succeed’ 

Yet notice how we are not so quick to apply that same level of thinking when it comes to ‘other people’… Asaad or the rebels or the UK government for that matter.

“People will be killed but its okay.. its people over there.” We are good at praying for our side, our people. It’s an ‘us and them’ mentality that we  have subscribed to, and the tragedy is that  we think that this is perfectly normal acceptable behaviour. What has happened to our minds that it is so easy to make our well wishes so selective to make our outrage so selective? At what point do we wake up and say ‘what is going on here?’

I believe an awareness of our responsibility to honor every single being on this planet is the one thing most lacking in politics today – but how can we complain if we ourselves aren’t walking the talk in our own lives?

We are really good at pointing out the wrong-doing of other people but we are not so vigilant about monitoring our own darkness. And as a nation we’re the same -very good at monitoring militarism in other countries, but not so good about pointing it in our own. And the danger that If we continue to function this way is that paving the way within the next 100 years towards on our extinction.

Gandhi said : “If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change’ and that’s where the conversation needs to begin. With us, with our minds and our hearts, and a consciousness of how we choose to show up and the grave consequences and the ripple effect throughout the world when we don’t think we have a choice.

As we awaken individually, we will act more powerfully collectively. Our challenge now, is to not look away, but to look forward, to create a new political conversation, a new worldview. We become magnets of change not by expecting it but by creating it. And I believe we can do it. I believe we have an opportunity here to create a new chapter in British history- to grow into the people we know we can be so that we can kick ass in the world in a powerful way. Let’s not leave t up to the Jesus’, the Buddhas, the Gandhi’s and the Martin Luther Kings of the world- let’s us do it, and let’s start now.


Leena Patel is the founder of Global Impact Systems and elite performance  leadership consultant-speaker to world class leaders and organizations. She is on the executive committee and spokesperson for Uniting for Peace and leads her signature leadership training seminar LEADERSHIP GREATNESS™ internationally.

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