How To Get A Raise During A Time Of Mass-Layoffs​​

With a growing trend of big companies letting go of staff it’s only a matter of time until the mid-sized and smaller companies start following suit.

How do you end up being one of the ones that stays? Better still, how you can you get a raise during a time of mass layoffs?

Here are 3 tips for employees that can help them raise their performance and ask for a raise.
  • Raise The Quality Of Your Output. Perform in excellence and go above and beyond in delivering what is expected of you -whether to your bosses, colleagues or customers.

  • Be A Great Problem-Solver. Businesses make money by solving problems. If you can put out fires and find solutions better than anyone else in your area of expertise, you become valuable to your employee.

  • Innovate. Offer ways to improve upon existing products or services or come up with an entirely new one that is a profit generator. If leaders see you are helping the organization’s bottom line instead of perceiving you as a liability, your worth to them increases and they’ll be more open to your requests for a raise.

    The bottom line is that companies invest in people that are performing at a higher level than the average employee. The solution is Become The Elite Performer In Your Organization. 

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