HR Heaven: A Solution For In-House L&D Training Limitations

What Is In-House Training?

When the facilitation of learning for employees is led by the company itself. 

Why Is In-House Training Used?

In-house training is used by a wide range of companies and business seeking to accommodate their need for personnel and staff training.
In-house trainings 
benefit business which are:

  • expanding rapidly
  • hire seasonal workers
  • have a unique trade
  • have staff whose skills and training need to be regularly updated

The Disadvantages of In-House Training:

Employees Take It For Granted – I’ve talked to many employees that put off attending trainings as they know the course is running on another day. “I’ll do it the next time round” is a common excuse. Low attendance or commitment level = low implementation.

The Training Goes Stale – Using internal resources can seem like a cost saver but how much revenue is your organization out because the old stale material has not been updated or improved upon?

Not Up To Date With Current Best Practices – When an in-house trainer is so focused on doing their job they often don’t have the time or bandwidth to stay on top of current best practices. They then unknowingly pass on inefficient tools and processes or perpetuate poor business practices.

The Solution: Train The Trainers™ Program

It is important that your trainers delivering the in-house trainings are fully equipped to do so. An external trainer who is able to present annual Train The Trainers courses will enable your trainers to stay up to date with changes in the learning and development field, saving your organization time and money.

The Bottom Line

If your company carries out In-House training using internal resources then make sure your trainers get the opportunity to learn from a Trainer’s Trainer so they can keep their skills up to date, and ensure they are using current and best practices.

Want To Learn More About TRAIN THE TRAINERS™ Program?

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