Company X

Designed and delivered a professional development program and a leadership engagement program for Company X with a focus on enhancing the unique diversity women bring to the workplace.
With women and individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds spearheading the program, the company was better positioned to leverage diversity as a strategic advantage.

Company Y

Coaching business owners and team leaders to enhance their leadership, speaking, presenting and media skills so that they can get their company message out there in a more powerful way. 

  • Devised a framework for creating presentations so that key elements were not missed when enrolling team members, clients or customers in a new product, service or idea
  • Implemented internal feedback systems that encouraged exchange of new ideas internally and created an accountability system that ensured leaders were getting the results that they had envisioned achieving.
  • Coach leaders in developing and owning a compelling, sincere leadership story that earns respect, loyalty and support from others

Company Z

Designed and implemented a training program for employees at Company Z to enable them to raise performance standards and deliver at their peak on an ongoing basis. I based my initiatives on years of studying and working with Olympic athletes and took the best of their training systems and incorporated them to deliver a new and improved framework. The result was a more efficient system that created higher employee engagement and improved performance.

I have trained leaders from...