Leena Patel works with Fortune 500 companies, sharing key distinctions learned from the world’s best to give organizations committed to high growth sales, the cutting edge tools and strategies to sprint to the next level of success.

For sales professionals, the demand for continual excellence and high returns are not only implicit, they impact thousands, if not millions of lives. There is no time or room for under-performance on any front without it affecting shareholders, investors, or your customers.

The great salespeople are great for a reason. They know the secret to high performance selling is STRATEGY.  The bottom line is you are only as great as your weakest salesperson. The leaders, managers, and sales team members that are part of your organization need to be educated on up to date strategies to increase their performance and productivity so they can actively drive revenue on your behalf. Booking Motivational Speaker and Global Impact Systems lead trainer, Leena Patel, gives you access to the strategies your people need to know to stay ahead of the competition.


Leena shows salespeople how to sell more, faster and easier than before, and beat the competition. During her motivational talks, Leena gives a series of practical, proven techniques they can use to get more appointments and make more sales. They learn how to get motivated and stay motivated day after day. These ideas will inspire your people to even greater heights!
Success in business, as in sports, is a game of inches. Leena’s talks will keep your sales teams motivated and inspired to go that extra inch for your organization and your customers – with outstanding results.


  • LEENA PATEL is internationally recognized for supporting leaders and teams to perform at their personal best – taking great skills to world class to give people a winning edge in business and sales.
  • Her background as an ex-athlete and Elite Performance Coach will give your leadership and sales team members key distinctions and winning strategies used by world class athletes to go for gold, exceed their targets and skilfully “bend over backwards” to deliver a wow experience.
  • Mentored for 29 years by her grandfather, a direct disciple of Mahatma Gandhi from the age of 4- gives her world class distinctions in building and leading visionary global teams
  • A solid track record with clients such as American Express, iGate Business Solutions, Steve Wynn Productions, Sony, Wells Fargo, Marshall Retail Group, Cirque du Soleil, Celine Dion, and more.



– Building High Performing Sales Team: The Secret Habits of Sales Superstars

– What Drives Sales? The Pitfalls to Avoid and The Top Strategies To Double Your Closing Rate

– The Art of Great Salesmanship:  5 Sales Training Tips For Sales Success

– Thrive in Sales: 7 Motivational Tips To Raise Your Game

– The Sales Athlete: What Top Athletes Can Teach Us About High-Performance Sales

– Emotional Intelligence and Sales Success

– The Psychology of Sales: How To Become An Automatic Closing Machine



Corporate training suitable for groups, teams, departments or entire companies.


Motivational and educational keynotes and interactive workshop style breakout sessions suitable for company events, sales & industry conferences


Leena Patel provides the following bonus services as part of each speaking engagement, at no extra charge:

  • – Complete questionnaire and discussion with client to agree upon contents of talk/seminar and material to be covered
  • – Custom designed talk based on the client’s requirements
  • – Pre-seminar video of Leena Patel describing upcoming talk for promotional purposes
  • – Leena available for photos and autographs post-talk
  • – Post-seminar video and pdf available for participants and non-attendees to reinforce the key ideas

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