Have you ever gone through a training program and found yourself disengaged and turning to your phone to check email or social media?

You’re not alone. Classroom style training where participants sit and listen while a speaker takes them through a powerpoint presentation while useful as a tool for quickly conveying information, has some inherent problems:

  • The information doesn’t stick
  • The information negatively impacts engagement
  • The information rarely challenges or changes the listener’s fundamental psychology or approach to business problems

Gamulation is changing the playing field.


A 2013 Aberdeen Group research study confirmed that organizations with gamification in place improve engagement by 48% and improve revenue turnover by 36%.

Training & Education Gamification involves embracing game mechanics – goals, progress, status, and rewards in a live training environment to increase employee engagement, learnings, and retention rate. Participants are interacting with their colleagues and getting on the spot feedback on their skill level, strengths, and areas for improvement, rather than listening to a traditional classroom-style powerpoint presentation. The results when learning through games are immediate and long-lasting.

“Companies have begun to use games to accelerate the learning and development rate of employees, enabling them to become more competitive, innovative, and profitable as a result.”
— Leena Patel

What Harvard Business School says:

Professors at Harvard Business School say simulations challenge students to:

  • analyze available information
  • make critical decisions to solve a business challenge
  • experiment with ideas and outcomes
  • master the application of concepts to real situations. In other words, students are actively engaged in the learning process, which equals higher retention and accelerated results and impact in the workplace.



A partial list of my proprietary simulation trainings in which clients acquire and train skills in the areas of: Leadership, Sales, Team Management, Innovation, Presentation Skills, Crisis Management, Strategy, and Elite Performance.
  • The V6 Framework™ – 6 “Must-Have” Traits For Leadership Impact
  • Core Values Charter™ – The Ultimate Process For Building A Value-Based Organization
  • Dig Deep™ – The Optimum Networking Game
  • Gates To Greatness™  – Internalizing Leadership Greatness
  • The Disney Dance™  – A Strategy For Driving Creativity and Innovation
  • The Perfect Pizza™ – A Team Building Game Teaching How To Unite To Dominate In Any Industry
  • Leadership Storytelling Secrets™ – How to tell a company or personal leadership story that engages, enthralls and enrols your audience
  • Presentation Power Secrets™ – Rock Any Stage With These World Class Speaking and Presentation Tools Under Your Belt!
  • Media Power Secrets™ – Develop Your Skill in TV Interviews, Radio Interview, Press Interviews & More
  • The Viper Pit™ Marketing, Pitching, and Sales Strategies – Shark Tank style!
  • Story Spinner™ – Breaking Through Personal Leadership Limitations
  • Signature Style™  – How to Exude A Powerful Presence
  • World Climate – A Climate Change Negotations Game
  • Think Six™ – A Parallel Thinking Process For Change-Management, Relationship-Building, Product Launches, and Growth Planning
  • Emotional Intelligence In The Workplace – Processes For Capitalizing on People Performance
  • Culture of Compassion™ – Building A Company Culture That Puts People First
  • The Feedback Loop™ – The Art of Intelligent Feedback
  • Mindfulness Mastery™ – 5 Powerful Processes For Dealing With Pressure Successfully
  • 90 Day Action Plan™ – The Process For Creating Short Term Game Plans That Succeed
  • Leadership Exit Action Plan™ – The Plan For Maximizing Company Value In Preparation For A Sale
  • Track It™ – The Strategic Planning and Accountabilty Game
  • Sleazy Sales™ – A game that raises your understanding of the shady sides of business (so you can avoid getting burnt)
  • Conscious Collaboration™  – The Win-Win Profitable Partnership Strategy
  • Stand Out Advantage™– How To Maximize Personal and Team Strengths For Elite Performance 

• Each technique and skill is taught in a high-pressure, challenging, fun environment.
• Challenging experiences parallel real business situations.
• Use of accelerated learning techniques to rewire psychology for success.
• Cost savings through making mistakes in a safe training environment instead of in the real world

Simulations rewire listeners psychology to create long-lasting:

• new/improved habits

• improved engagement

• increase revenue turnover

Leena is a powerful, motivating facilitator who will engage your students and demand results for your company.

– Clinton Swaine, Frontier Trainings CEO