5 Disciplines That Cultivate Elite Performance In The Workplace

Want to ramp up your productivity at work- without spending extra hours in the office?Here are 5 daily disciplines to get you focused, energized and feeling on top of your game. These practices are the building blocks of success and will go a long way to keeping you performing at the highest level no matter what challenges your day brings.

Drink Water

How much depends on your size, weight, activity level and where you live – 2 liters (8 glasses) is the daily minimum, 4 liters is the goal for best results.

Benefit: improves mood, flushes out toxins, boosts metabolism which aids weight loss


Simply sitting still and taking 3 conscious breaths before you make you that phone call will help you feel more balanced and in flow.

Benefits – more presence, focus, kindness, forgiveness, inspired creativity, enables you to center yourself)

20 Mins of Exercise

Yoga, brisk walking, and swimming are great options

Benefit: raises your energy by getting the heart rate up, controls weight, strengthens muscles and bones

Always Be Learning

Spend a few minutes exercising your brain and digesting new information- either through reading a book, newspaper, article, blog post or audio-book.

Benefit: When you’re learning new information, especially in an area that interests and inspires you, you will be constantly expanding the boundaries of what you are capable of and engaging your mind in solving problems in new ways.

Get Enough Sleep

6-8 hours is my recommendation. Some people function on less daily but I don’t recommend it for extensive periods. For those times when you have to sleep less to get things done, 20 minutes of conscious rest during the day is a great alternative.

Benefit: rejuvenation, memory retention, overall health, safety, and longevity

Action Step

These five disciplines will ensure that you perform at the highest level and get the greatest results from all you do. Make a commitment to incorporate each of them into your daily life and notice the shift in your performance and productivity.

p.s. Help me with my research. Comment below to let me know which of the 5 you currently do and which you find yourself struggling with.

How To Get A Raise During A Time Of Mass-Layoffs​​

With a growing trend of big companies letting go of staff it’s only a matter of time until the mid-sized and smaller companies start following suit.

How do you end up being one of the ones that stays? Better still, how you can you get a raise during a time of mass layoffs?

Here are 3 tips for employees that can help them raise their performance and ask for a raise.
  • Raise The Quality Of Your Output. Perform in excellence and go above and beyond in delivering what is expected of you -whether to your bosses, colleagues or customers.

  • Be A Great Problem-Solver. Businesses make money by solving problems. If you can put out fires and find solutions better than anyone else in your area of expertise, you become valuable to your employee.

  • Innovate. Offer ways to improve upon existing products or services or come up with an entirely new one that is a profit generator. If leaders see you are helping the organization’s bottom line instead of perceiving you as a liability, your worth to them increases and they’ll be more open to your requests for a raise.

    The bottom line is that companies invest in people that are performing at a higher level than the average employee. The solution is Become The Elite Performer In Your Organization. 

Meet your Goals in 3 Easy Steps!

With the New Year upon us, this is the time that people start thinking of setting goals and making resolutions for 2017. But how do you set goals so that you accomplish what you set out to do and make the year the success you want it to be? Instead of the ‘hope and pray’ wish list, this year, be more strategic with your goals. Following my 3 step plan, you will see that your goals for the new year are far more attainable than you thought.

Step 1: Put Words to The Dream

Imagine that you could wave a magic wand and make your life perfect in each of the four key areas of life -career, family, health, finance. If your life was perfect in each area, what would it look like? Write them down.

Step 2: Identify Your Obstacles, Needs, and Resources 

What are the limiting factors or constraints? What knowledge, information, and skills do you need? Which people in your network can you reach out to help you to achieve your goals?

Step 3: Create A Plan 

Identify the landmarks and goals in sequence and priority. When you have clear goals and a clear plan, you increase the likelihood of achieving your goals by 10 times – by 1000%!


The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step -Lao Tzu

Corporate Gamification Training

Leena Patel Leads The Way In Corporate Gamification Training

Have You Ever Gone Through A Training Program And Found Yourself Disengaged And Turning To Your Phone To Check Email Or Social Media?

You’re not alone. Classroom style training where participants sit and listen while a speaker takes them through a powerpoint presentation while useful as a tool for quickly conveying information, has some inherent problems:

  • The information doesn’t stick
  • The information negatively impacts engagement
  • The information rarely challenges or changes the listener’s fundamental psychology or approach to business problems

Gamification Has Changed The Playing Field.

A 2013 Aberdeen Group research study confirmed that organizations with gamification in place improve engagement by 48% and improve revenue turnover by 36%.

Training & Education Gamification involves embracing game mechanics – goals, progress, status, and rewards in a live training environment to increase employee engagement, learnings, and retention rate. Participants are interacting with their colleagues and getting on the spot feedback on their skill level, strengths, and areas for improvement, rather than listening to a traditional classroom-style powerpoint presentation. The results when learning through games are immediate and long-lasting.

“Companies have begun to use games to accelerate the learning and development rate of employees, enabling them to become more competitive, innovative, and profitable as a result.” — Leena Patel


I have developed proprietary simulation trainings in which clients acquire and train skills in the areas of:

Leadership – Sales – Team Management – Innovation – Presentation Skills – Crisis Management – Strategy – Elite Performance

The Benefits

• Each technique and skill is taught in a high-pressure, challenging, fun environment.
• Challenging experiences parallel real business situations.
• Use of accelerated learning techniques to rewire psychology for success.
• Cost savings through making mistakes in a safe training environment instead of in the real world

Simulations rewire listeners psychology to create long-lasting:

• new/improved habits

• improved engagement

• increase revenue turnover

For more information about gamification training or to discuss bringing a cutting edge program to your workplace, connect with Leena.

3 Tips For Sales Success


Looking For A Way To Boost Sales?
Here Are 3 Tips To Help You Find More Sales Success

Sales Tip # 1: Solve The Problem

Your customer doesn’t care about your product or service. They care about the difference you can make for their organization.

For example, today I sell gamification-based leadership training. If I tell a CEO this, he or she will likely tell me they’re not interested. However, if I focus on sharing the increase in productivity and performance in employees that have gone through an experiential training program, the door opens wide. After all, they are extremely interested in improving the effectiveness of their employees and driving revenue growth for the company.  If you focus on making the sale, your customer will think you are more interested in you than them. Solve the problem your customer has. Be interested in making their life better and show them how your product, service or solution will do that.

Sales Tip # 2: Identify Your Limiting Factor

What are your limitations? When you identify your weakest skill, you can then put a plan in place to become excellent in that area. Without this self-awareness, you risk leaving a lot of money on the table.

Ask yourself (or your boss if you are open to external feedback)” “What one skill do I need to develop and deliver in excellence to boost my sales quota?”

Make a plan to work on this skill every day and set a target by which you want to demonstrate the increased revenue.

Sales Tip # 3: Build A Championship Team

Surround yourself with people that are positive, and successful. Stay away from or limit your interactions with people that are negative, critical or complaining. Put accountability structures in place with members of your “A-team” and encourage each other by sharing successes and lessons learned. All too often, as professionals, we are expected to know what we are doing and are taught not to share our failures and setbacks. However, in my experience, every client and every interaction is different, and what works in one situation may not be effective in another. The more you are open to learning and staying on top of your game, the more prepared you will be when big opportunities come your way. The more opportunities you get, the more sales you can potentially make. The more sales you make, the greater your financial reward.

As a sales professional, your company depends on your success for its survival. Use these sales success tips to play a bigger game and increase your value in the workplace. I’ve heard it said that the top 10% of sales professionals make more in commissions than the remaining 90%. Make a commitment to put these tips into practice. Before you know it, joining the top ten percentile of sales superstars will be just one deal away.

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