The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Becoming A

Force of Change In The World


The Problem

Today we have a crisis in the world. With war, terrorism, debt, poverty and ecological disasters escalating, we, as individuals and a collective, have two choices: we can remain passive disconnected bystanders, or we can walk the paths of leadership by engaging the issues of the day and initiating the changes we want to see in the world.

Gandhi and GM Patel“If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. … We need not wait to see what others do.” -Gandhi

Who Is This Book For?

This book will teach you to own becoming the leader of your life. If you are an entrepreneur, business owner, change maker or thought leader, these strategies will support you in stepping into a higher calibre of leadership in which you lead and inspire others to bang the drum for your cause.

The 3 step Process that The Profitable and Purposeful Performance Model explains is filled with actionable steps that will transform the way you do business and engage with the people around you. It is the guide you in how to step up in service of something bigger and leave a legacy you are proud of.

“When we transform ourselves, we transform the world. And what we transform with our hearts, we transform forever. –Leena Patel”

Through cutting edge tools and strategies, The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Being A Force of Change in the World will show you the best practices to-


Apply The Profitable and Purposeful Performance Model to your business practices and reap the outstanding results that are created when people use the distinctions to define and re-define notions of victory, success and profit and what they wish to create in the world at the highest level.

Bang the Drum
The Profitable and Purposeful Performance Model in Leena Patel’s upcoming book THE ENTREPRENEUR’S GUIDE TO BECOMING A FORCE OF CHANGE IN THE WORLD has drawn inspiration from the key principles that Gandhi taught Leena’s grandfather about leadership at the highest level, backed up by current research rooted in Psychology, Neuroscience and other modalities to ground the distinctions in the reality of modern day living.

image“An engaging inspirational speaker. She captivated us with a powerful story and wonderful take-aways… Book her without hesitation!” –Senior Executive, iGate Corporation


“Be Greatness. Create Greatness”

Marrying Profits and Purpose: The 3 Keys to Effective and Inspirational Leadership is available as a 30/45/60 minute  presentation, or as an interactive half-day/full day or 2 day seminar 

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