An Evening With Celine

Spent time with my dear friend and long time client, Celine Dion, today. She is kicking butt (both on stage and off)! She is an extraordinary performer, with an extraordinary ability to connect with people, and an extraordinary ability to bring together a winning team that enables her to actualize her vision.

I have watched over the last 14 years continuing to set a new standard in Las Vegas that other artists strive to emulate.  Here are some golden nuggets I have learned from her:

  1. Perform in excellence. Whatever you do, do it to the best of your ability.
  2. Build a championship team. Surround yourself with great people who can do their job skillfully so you can focus on doing yours.
  3. Be kind. People matter and when you treat them well, they go above and beyond their job description to serve you and your vision.
  4. Drill your foundational skills. People often don’t realize that no matter how talented you are, going back to the basics and anchoring them in regularly sets you up for future success.
  5. Continue to learn. No matter how successful you become, there is always room for growth. Work with a coach or trainer, who can see the bigger picture and pinpoint areas you and your team need to upskill on in order to meet your next big goal.

Celine is a shining example of a female leader that stands strong in her own power with feminine grace. Keep shining, Celine!

Celine Dion, Leena Patel
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