Leena’s Vision

To educate and empower change-makers, entrepreneurs and thought leaders to actively create the thriving, harmonious, collaborative world we seek to live in.

To fulfill this, I am committed to instilling in individuals and teams across the globe the specific leadership qualities and skill set to create maximum impact and influence in their external environment. I help your business grow exponentially while leaving you fulfilled with the knowing that every day you are showing up as the biggest and highest version of you and leaving a legacy for future generations you are proud of.

Core Values

Integrity, Compassion, Responsibility, Excellence, Success

At Elite Performance Coaching we believe that…

  1. Our body-mind blueprint is the foundation through which every dream and aspiration gets accomplished.
  2. Living your Truth in every aspect of your life is a vital key to personal well-being, high performance and professional relationship building.
  3. Taking responsibility for our thoughts, speech and behaviour gives us the power to create the kind of world we want to live in and to lead with influence.
  4. Performing in and creating an environment of excellence is necessary for our growth, development and evolution.
  5. Success is not for the select few, it is for everyone who seeks it and is willing to work hard, train, and commit to getting results.
  6. Leadership is not just for those “at the top”, it is for every person. It is about taking responsibility for how things are and instigating positive transformation instead of waiting by the sidelines expecting others to deliver.
  7. Having the well-being of humanity should be at the heart of all decision-making. We put people first, then profits. We believe profits don’t necessarily have to be sacrificed, and we explain why and how both are achievable.


The Profits and Purpose Performance Model will guide you through the 3 Step Process to step into this higher calibre of leadership.

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