Leena Patel, master ELS trainer & author of the upcoming book

The Executive Guide to

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Leena Patel is the founder of Elite Leadership Systems, the world’s #1 in Global Impact Systems™. She has taught the GLOBAL IMPACT SYSTEMSblueprint in over 10 countries and 4 continents globally.



“My vision is to educate and empower corporations and thought leaders to actively create the thriving, harmonious, collaborative world we seek to live in. To fulfill this, I am committed to instilling in individuals and teams across the globe the specific leadership qualities and skill set that create maximum impact and influence in your business environment. I want to help your business to grow exponentially while leaving you fulfilled with the knowing that every day you are showing up and doing your part to make a positive impact in the world.”– Leena Patel


Step Up, Take Charge, Make a DGordhanbhai Patelifference

“Your job is to hold the space for the brilliance of others to emerge” her grandfather told her. “That’s what leaders do.”

A direct disciple of Mahatma Gandhi, Leena’s grandfather mentored her from the age of 4, providing her with tools and skills that have stood her in good stead for 36 years. With a firm grounding in ethical leadership and undaunted by the prospect of stepping into some brilliant shoes, Leena took on the responsibility of leadership and group facilitation at every opportunity. Now she advises clients how to do just that for others.

The combination of extensive training background in multiple mind-body modalities, 10 years experience as a soloist level performance artist, and lifelong mentor-ship in high performance leadership, has given Leena unique insight into increasing the performance level of her clients for optimum results.

Leena’s background, skills and experience have led to her building up an extensive track record over the years coaching celebrities, royalty, military, entertainers, Olympic level athletes and business leaders. She has trained such luminaries as Celine Dion, Wayne Brady and the athletes of Cirque du Soleil as well as global corporate institutions such as iGate, Marshall Retail Group, Steve Wynn Productions, Aga Khan Foundation and AEG Live.

TLeena Patel Mindset Masteryhe Road Ahead

Through following the Global Impact Systems  blueprint, Leena has fast-tracked over 1000 high performing individuals to reach new heights of success through measurable improvements in their vitality, performance and influence as leaders in the professional sphere. 

USA and the UK will always continue to be ‘home’ for Leena, although 2015 will involve expanding her reach to Asia, Dubai and South Africa. Stay tuned.


Celine Dion & Leena Patel“To meet the demands of [my career] I need to constantly be in top shape mentally, emotionally and physically. . I feel so fortunate to have these tools under my belt so I can continue to perform at my best… Leena- you are incredible to work with”

–Celine Dion

Leena is an in-demand speaker, collaborating with organizations around the globe to train management teams in  elite leadership skills utilizing the Global Impact Systems training blueprint for optimum impact and influence. She is trainer to influential thought leaders, individuals that are ready to achieve the next breakthrough in their career  and organizations that want to push the envelope in healthy and powerful leadership and leave a footprint they are proud of. Leena empowers individuals to become world class leaders by taking responsibility for the choices they make and how their actions shape the world we live in.
Leena serves on the advisory boards for Uniting for Peace,  Pax Global Capital Investment Bank and Global Vision.