5 Disciplines That Cultivate Elite Performance In The Workplace

Want to ramp up your productivity at work- without spending extra hours in the office?Here are 5 daily disciplines to get you focused, energized and feeling on top of your game. These practices are the building blocks of success and will go a long way to keeping you performing at the highest level no matter what challenges your day brings.

Drink Water

How much depends on your size, weight, activity level and where you live – 2 liters (8 glasses) is the daily minimum, 4 liters is the goal for best results.

Benefit: improves mood, flushes out toxins, boosts metabolism which aids weight loss


Simply sitting still and taking 3 conscious breaths before you make you that phone call will help you feel more balanced and in flow.

Benefits – more presence, focus, kindness, forgiveness, inspired creativity, enables you to center yourself)

20 Mins of Exercise

Yoga, brisk walking, and swimming are great options

Benefit: raises your energy by getting the heart rate up, controls weight, strengthens muscles and bones

Always Be Learning

Spend a few minutes exercising your brain and digesting new information- either through reading a book, newspaper, article, blog post or audio-book.

Benefit: When you’re learning new information, especially in an area that interests and inspires you, you will be constantly expanding the boundaries of what you are capable of and engaging your mind in solving problems in new ways.

Get Enough Sleep

6-8 hours is my recommendation. Some people function on less daily but I don’t recommend it for extensive periods. For those times when you have to sleep less to get things done, 20 minutes of conscious rest during the day is a great alternative.

Benefit: rejuvenation, memory retention, overall health, safety, and longevity

Action Step

These five disciplines will ensure that you perform at the highest level and get the greatest results from all you do. Make a commitment to incorporate each of them into your daily life and notice the shift in your performance and productivity.

p.s. Help me with my research. Comment below to let me know which of the 5 you currently do and which you find yourself struggling with.

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