3 Reasons You Must Lead Yourself First

The world needs you.

Businesses and organizations have the ability to spearhead change and impact legislation in many different realms. It is not in our interests either on a personal and global level to be waiting for decisions to be made from those in authority and power. It is time to reach out to our networks, start movements, build coalitions. It is time for us to turn our success into significance, and our influence into impact, through initiatives and innovations, be they small and large. It is time for us to develop an entrepreneurial approach to creating change.

Here are 3 reasons why you must cultivate great leadership skills:

  1. Leadership is distributed, not linear. With the exponential growth in digital connectivity coupled with the reality that many people are now traveling, living, working and studying in multiple countries, isolation is no longer an option. We are global citizens and our interconnectedness means we must be better skilled at leading ourselves, relationship-building, and cross-cultural communication in order to succeed in the workplace.
  2. Responsibility to and for the global good is paramount. A re-emerging sense of ethics and values needs to be viewed as a must not a ‘would be nice to have’. A bold and bright vision for the future gives people hope of a better tomorrow and you can generate one and inspire people around you with bold words and actions.
  3. It is not enough in the business climate today to make a good product or have a thriving career. Today, we must also be prepared to mend the widespread broken public trust in leadership at a governmental and corporate level and make a difference on a community level, in whatever manner we are capable of. This takes courage, tenacity, and character.

The world needs entrepreneurs, change-makers and thought leaders just like you. You represent the changing face of leadership. Are you ready to Lead Yourself First?

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