10 Leadership Lessons from The Movie ‘Arrival’

I wanted to write this post when I watched Arrival in the movie theater for the first time but I remember leaving the theater feeling speechless, emotional, and just a little teary-eyed!…. and as a result, unable to put pen to paper right away. I’m a big fan of filtering for lessons through life experiences- my own and others- so that I can make better decisions going forward. And soo this weekend, having watched it for the second time, I decided it was still worth putting this post out there.

My 10 leadership lessons gleaned from the movie:

  1. Trust your intuition. When are guided to take a particular course of action, don’t second-guess yourself. Follow through.
  2. Be open to building new ways of connecting and building relationships.
  3. Sometimes you have to defy rules and convention, even if means going against authority.
  4. Use your allies. Know who they are and lean on them. You’ll need them to lead a mission successfully.
  5. To tap into your superpower, sometimes you have to be reminded if it before you can act on it.
  6. Violence, pain, anger, division, and war, is created when we act out of fear. Yet all it takes is a single act of love (in the movie, it’s a phonecall) to change the course- and destiny- of the world.
  7. Love shows up when you least expect it. Be open!
  8. It’s important to prepare for the worst, but don’t let that stop you from letting your guard down and trusting in the goodness of others. If we operate as if the universe is conspiring against us, it will.
  9. Even if there is pain, loss, and sadness as part of the outcome, never miss the opportunity to love deeply and embrace life fully.
  10. Be bold. Fortune favors those who dare greatly.

So there you have it!

What was your biggest “a-ha” from the movie?

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