Increased Vitality, Powerful Performance and Inspired Leadership

through cutting edge tools and techniques drawn from age-old Yogic Principles, Positive Psychology, Neuroscience and Gandhian Wisdom

Leena Patel International Trainer Speaker


“A leader is someone who holds the space for the brilliance of others to emerge.”

Imagine if there was a blueprint paved out which enables ordinary people to live extraordinary lives and become great leaders of our future….


Your body-mind is the foundation through which every dream and aspiration gets accomplished. It’s the one vehicle you CAN take absolute control over… yet most people don’t have the correct tools to harness their own power.

Sample Clients

If you’re struggling with lower-than-you-desire performance on your pathway to accomplishing your goal, or if you simply want to step up your game and get that winning edge, you need to have access to elite strategies and techniques that will accelerate results and increase profits.

Don’t Just Survive…Thrive

Business owners, thought leaders, athletes and entertainers in Europe, US and Canada have utilized the Elite Performance Coaching system to master the capabilities needed to thrive in today’s tough business environment and make a greater difference in the world.

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Through half-day, full day and 2 day trainings, inspirational keynotes and VIP coaching, you will learn to:

become a creative problem solver and stronger leader that create winning environments for you and others to flourish
- deal with challenging interpersonal situations with more effectiveness and become a more persuasive communicator
- access cutting edge techniques to manage stress and improve energy level
- take your physical, emotional and spiritual health to peak performance
- perform at your best no matter the demands and pressure of your career and lifestyle

Celine Dion with EPC lead trainer Leena Patel

With EPC as your partner, you’ll learn the step-by-step tools and strategies to get into top mind-body shape, maximize your personal and professional performance, become a stronger and more influential leader, add more value to your organization AND make a powerful difference in the world.

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