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Utilizing the GLOBAL IMPACT SYSTEMS Leadership Blueprint, Elite Leadership Systems trains organizations on the step by step system to develop strong leaders, minimize organizational conflict, develop powerful communication skills and skyrocket professional performance for maximum impact and influence.


Leena Patel International Trainer SpeakerCeline Dion with EPC lead trainer Leena Patel

If you’d like to know the secret formula used by thousands of leaders to marry performance, profits and purpose,
or maybe you want to up your game and develop or maintain your competitive edge,
you need to have access to the GLOBAL IMPACT SYSTEMS Leadership Blueprint-delivered via live and online trainings- that will speed up your real-world results

The world needs LEADERS- men and women who are willing to make integrity, character and humanitarian values the bottom line. Leaders who make taking care of our children and our planet the bottom line.

Check out what Leena’s clients say about utilizing the Global Impact Systems Leadership Blueprint

Elite Performing Coaching clients

Clients that hire Elite Leadership Systems and implement our systems realize the importance of getting to the root of the problem. They understand top performers don’t take shortcuts and don’t believe in quick fixes and band aids. Top performers are willing to do whatever it takes. That’s why they succeed. That’s why they thrive. That’s why they are able to make a global and lasting impact.

Check out what Leena’s clients say about utilizing the Global Impact Systems Leadership Blueprint

Why hire Leena

Having being mentored by her grandfather- a direct disciple of Mahatma Gandhi- from the age of 4, Leena Patel has ingrained in her from an early age the key distinctions that enabled Gandhi to IMPACT and INFLUENCE an entire nation.
After 19 years of sharing these techniques in 11 countries & 4 continents, she has distilled these lessons for you into a systematic leadership training blueprint called GLOBAL IMPACT SYSTEMS (G.I.S.) via an inspirational keynote or a FULL DAY IMMERSION.

The The G.I.S. IMMERSION DAY enables YOUR team to learn this EXACT formula so YOU can develop or maintain your competitive edge while accelerating the impact and influence you are making in your field.

You will:

1. Take your Professional Performance to an Elite Level (utilizing cutting edge strategies used by the world’s top performers) – plus, learn how to manage your energy & stress level to increase productivity by 20%

2. Master the Art of Compassionate Communication - so you can deal with challenging interpersonal situations and resolve conflict easily and effectively

3. Lead in Alignment with your Core Values - which means putting PEOPLE FIRST, THEN PROFITS. (Leena will reveal to you how that makes you a long term -and HIGHLY PROFITABLE- winner in your industry)

Business owners and thought leaders in US, Canada and Europe have hired Elite Leadership Systems to learn the strategies needed to thrive in a competitive global playing field while being a force of change in the world. They’re now out there playing at a whole new level. Is it time for you to join them?

“Leena- you are incredible to work with- knowledgeable, sensitive and very grounded… I feel privileged and fortunate to know you. Thank you so much.” – Celine Dion

Let ELS help you and your team members develop the leadership skills necessary to create positive and powerful change in the world.

 Join the ranks of those that thrive.. not just survive